Detaching Growth from Environmental Footprint – Paint hasn’t changed in 100 years

For more than a decade the “Paint and Primer in one can” and “one coat color collection” marketing strategies have continued the 100 year convention of “regular” performance. Rooted in a heavy reliance on Titanium Dioxide [Tio2] these traditional coatings still require multiple coats on both painted and unpainted surfaces. They retail for a lot and quietly generate the Systemic Hyper-Problem in massive CO2, life-cycle materials and energy wastes that the consumer financed Re-use and Recycle system [the second and third “R”] cannot handle.

How do you then define quality? We believe in the first “R” – Reduce. A maximum reduction in Tio2 and all peripheral materials leads to control of the life-cycle.

Control Tio2 = Control Coats = Control Costs/CO2/Wastes™

Through the Self-Build Technology™ Platform, the only sustainable coatings system in the world, we offer freedom from the chains that bind a global industry: multiple coats and heavy carrying costs both environmentally & economically whether you’re a raw material supplier, a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or end user.

This is the ‘end game’ and the last frontier in paint sustainability.